Good Rocky's Revolver EP

by Good Rocky's Revolver

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released December 2, 2014

Dan Gee, Vocals/Guitar
Michael Webb, Keyboards/Organ
Jacob Cook, Bass
Evan Achen, Drums

Copyright 2014

Recorded by The Grey Brick Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Good Rocky's Revolver Pomona, California

Pomona Garage / Blues Rock

Dan Gee - Guitar / Vocals
Evan Achen - Drums / Percussion
Jacob Cook - Bass / The Fear
Michael Webb - Keyboard / Organ

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Track Name: Intro
Welcome welcome welcome to the end of the earth, the day of days, the fall of man, the rise of sand, the scourge of strings, the curse of keys, the father of time and the mother of pearl.
The well wishers, the problem starters, the drunk ramblers, the flyer handers, the fake smiles, the bleeding hearts, the girls the boys and the best of both worlds. You are all beautiful.
The seas are burning, the sky is freezing, the fields are choking, the weeds are growing, the world is full, the fires are shining, the mothers are dying and the kids are crying, but yet you're here. Just waiting for your day to come.
So sit back, kick back, relax, relapse, rehash, low jack, get stacked, and stay cracked while we let you forget all about it
Track Name: Burn The Source
Burn the source, keep me awake Let me stare at my mistake.
Lies on fire, let the truth be told, Find the man whose life I stole.
Forgive my sins, put my head down, lead me to that lovely sound.
(Oh my bones are broke down, but I'll keep on singing now.) (7th post) (octave)

Will you lay my bones to rest?

Fire so bright and smoke so dark, so thick so slow cant shake it off now.
heart beats fast, but the clock ticks long, feel my words and hear my song.
Bleed old crimes, let the new ones die, hearts ablaze don't burn so bright
(Oh my bones are broke down, but I'll keep on singing now)

Will you lay my bones to rest?

(Fear burns under an ancient sun, how the hot mess of it's soul fills the faithful's urn)
I was born of the same regard, never I knew, but I knew Ize an ugly one)
Track Name: When You Comin Home
I wish I could tell you
All about my day,
All of the petty things
Keeping me awake.
Me awake. Me awake.

Couldn't be more right when I said
That you were wrong.
Time don't pass quickly now without you in my arms.
In my arms. In my arms.

If words could bring you back now,
Tell me what to say.

If I was breaking down,
I wouldn't know.
I spend all my time hanging on and on and on
By the phone. By the phone.

When are you coming home,
I miss you so.
My heart aches for your heart,
My soul
Aches for your soul. For your soul

I could have gone with you if I'd known how
Coulda stopped my life, and lived yours for now.
Everyone who sees you there they, they don't see you
Run home and don't look back at lights and snow and cold
It's not good for you. Not good for you.
Track Name: Sea Lion
She was electric in a static way.
The boys would all come out of the shadows, but she refused to play.
I couldn't find her, despite the talk.
But she found me in corners and exits that had been blocked off.

She was a sea lion, she had no home
She was a sea lion, she had no home

I got out, I got out x2

She thought that daylight was short for disease.
Burning up the hours of the night, and running from the police.
She didn't last long, she was a chemical mess.
She put the head on my shoulders all wrong, but she did her best.

She was in brightness as in dark.
I hope she had the will to stay clear, to avoid them both
She was a sea lion, she had no home x2
Track Name: New Names
Trade names for the sake of feeling new
Fall hard for the stranger next to you

Feeling alright, but never okay
Fearing the night and loathing the day

I'll come back home, if you'll be my muse
Waking the dead by singing my blues
Peel back my thoughts, and fish through the mess
I'll be the sane one if you try your

(Pickin up the parts we once had loved, pick it up now, everything's gone)

Cold cards and name tags on the floor
You've never had it done before

All it'll tell you is where you are
Make it quickly, give way to scars

I had a way to save you.
Too bad it's dead and gone.
Acts without consequence,
Thoughts without permanence.
Too bad it was never to save you.
Track Name: Girl With Two Faces
When I was lookin for the one, the one who would end all of my wants
I drove myself insane
My eyes were burnin, I couldn't breathe. My veins were yearnin for some relief til I saw for shame for shame
I saw her standin past the edge, she beckoned fast and told me not to wait
How I did hesitate
I took a river to my love, she broke my bank and then she broke my heart.
Oh well, oh well.

I can't feel my lungs
(It's been so long, it's been so long)

I was in shambles, I'd seen the world. I'd seen its hate, and oh I'd seen its pearls
For worse or better
I couldn't make it without her charm, soft hands and shivers down my arm,
So cold, so cold.
Emaciated and feeling small, I shot the gun and then I hit the wall
What'd it say what'd it say
It said feel the sunshine, feel the rain, feel what you're singin, and not all of this pain
Oh how I tried to listen.
Track Name: Fires For Sleeping In
Weighing down on the sounds that keep me up
All the permutations that will eat these young eyes
Feeling down and out, but my mind won't stay that way
It's building, but the feelings not gonna break

Forgetting when the city sleeps, I wrap my head with dawn's cold leave
I reek no more of bitterness, still my mind conspires to do me in

There's a fire in the city, but its not what keeps me up at night
It's gonna level the fold, but my minds a firefight
The fear and the flames and the doctor are turning sand
But fear on fire can only teach me where to stand

I can see the end, the light fills my eyes
Oh the heat is too much, still I sit upright
Heavy thoughts and heavy things,
No pretty girls or diamond rings,
Still my mind keeps on rolling